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 Support SINDO

Take the great step

Do not leave them to this deep hopelessness. Your support, $90 or €75 per year, will school a kid or pay her/his professional training for a year, including part of the administrative costs fees ($11 or €9). Please, add $20 or €17 attention to mothers’ Income Generating Activities. As a result, your sponsored kids will enjoy regular access to food and will be more focused and productive at school/training center.

How to release your support

Write your check to SIN-DO or wire your support to :
SIN-DO’s bank Account # 01223160009 -Bank Of Africa Benin-
Bank address : Agence Centrale, 08 B.P. 0879 Tri Postal, Avenue Jean-Paul II, Cotonou, Benin
Phone : (229) 21-313228, Fax : (229)21-313117, Telex : 5079

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